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Lionsgate’s Johnny Depp-starring movie “City of Lies” has been licensed to startup distributor Sweet Charm Media for release in China. The deal was closed at the Cannes Film Festival.

The fact-based film is directed by Brad Furman and sees Depp appear as a detective, Russell Poole, many of whose cases were not adequately solved. He began investigating the Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur murders. Poole failed to nail the killers in these cases too, but instead uncovered corruption within the Los Angeles Police Department. The film script was adapted by Christian Contreras from the book by Randall Sullivan. Production is by Good Films.

Sweet Charm, which was formed only in March, by Yoyo Qu, aims to give the film a release in the second half of the year — if possible in a day-and-day alignment with overseas outings.

Thoughts about my score to City of Lies


Creating the Score to “City of Lies” was one of the most creatively soul searching experiences of my life. The film is so powerful and capturing the emotion in the life of Russell Poole (Johnny Depp) and the tragic and violent lives and deaths of Biggie and Tupac was the most important thing for me to convey in my music. I always look for a way to carve out the emotion at every turn and do it in a way that’s honest and truthful to the story.

The sound palette is abstract, ambient with an unstable presence and an intensity that percolates throughout the film. Vocals and Guitars play a big role in my score. My intention was to weave in all of these textures throughout the film score and use them to surround the themes that play to the core emotion. I was grateful to be able to record a live orchestra and the classic string and horn elements create a personal connection between the audience and the lead character Russell Poole. They represent his pride and his dedication to being a seeker of truth.


I am grateful to the Director Brad Furman for creating such a powerful film for me to work on and for inspiring me to write music that is unique and that pushes the boundaries between sound and music.

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