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Chris Hajian

I am a storyteller. I use my gift of music composition to create film scores that deepen the emotion and add nuance, texture and most importantly honor and enhance the story. I am obsessed with capturing that creative spark when true honest inspiration strikes.  Those moments bring the most pure, inspired ideas and the ones that truly capture the instincts that a composer can bring to a film. 

I am not the type of film composer who runs his career like a corporate CEO. I write all of my scores myself and I don’t have a team of nameless ghostwriters. That is no way to create a meaningful creative collaboration. I invest in my work and my personal relationships with collaborators is everything to me. It’s what feeds my creative soul and allows me to give everything I have to create the most original score I can. 

Thank you so much for visiting my site and for exploring my music. 


"As grateful as I am of my accomplishments in my career, Nothing makes me prouder then seeing my daughters talent as a singer/songwriter blossom before my eyes. Check out her music:"

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chris at piano 4fx
chris at piano 4fx

Photos by Kristin Reimer